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Goal Setting Information & Your Motivation

Motivation: When we talk about goal setting and your motivation it feels like as if we're supposed to know what to do. Everybody talks about setting goals for themselves and setting high standards but if that's the case why do so many people seem never to achieve their goals?

It seems to me that when you set goals to achieve something in your career or aspire to financial independence or even to improve your golf swing, you need to understand WHY you're doing it. The WHY is your motivation; it's the reason you do something and the driving force behind your actions.

You want a new car; why do you want a new car? Is it for safety or to impress your neighbours? What will it mean to you to get that new car. If you are determined to achieve your goal you must make it real and tap into the emotional element of your actions.

Affirmation Software

"Would Your Be Motivated and Willing To Set Aside 10-Minutes a Day?" ... If The Result Was an Increase in Wealth, Happiness and Improved Health. Today I want to share with your how I did just that, and how it can work for YOU too. Sounds too good to be true? Well you just need to see it for yourself.

Great Goals Make You Stretch!

I began enhancing my personal energy level three months shy of my 40th birthday and after 2 years of struggling with clinically-diagnosed depression. During this same period, I was challenged, immensely by the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and being rendered permanently partially disabled as the result of being involved in two car accidents in six days (neither of which was I at fault). This is how I motivated myself...

Reach Your Goals - Goal-Pooling

Goal-pool with friends or acquaintances: Get together with a group of friends or co-workers and host a logistical goal-setting brainstorming party where all the invitees lay out the goals they'd like help with and make plans to meet them, with the help of the rest of the group. The result might look something like this: Every Monday the whole crew gets together for a half-hour after work to help Barbara make fund-raising calls for her charity (and in exchange, everyone gets invited to the hoity-toity, networking-heaven Christmas party held to thank the donors and volunteers).

Improve Your Self Confidence

Knowing yourself is the foundation of self-esteem, self confidence and personal development. Man has been seeking himself since the days of the Oracle of Delphi. Self motivation may be difficult but not impossible.

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The Goal Setting Blueprint

Why is goal setting important? Because without goals you don't go anywhere! Whenever you see anything worthwhile being done anywhere, it's because someone is behind it with motivation, a passion, a belief and a goal! When it comes to your personal life and your business, goal setting can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence and accomplishment.Much is said about goal setting.

Top 15 Goals Quotations

Examine your own personal goals and find methods to achieve your desires with these valuable quotations about setting goals..

7 Part Affirmation Course

Whatever your goals in life, the FREE "7 Part Affirmation Course" can help you reach them. Affirmations have long been recognized as a powerful tool for manifesting desires. In fact, people from all walks of life -- from Personal Development coaches and sales professionals, to religious leaders and peak performance experts (like Anthony Robbins) promote the practice of affirmations.

And this FREE course is packed with practical suggestions to get you started. Just some of the valuable things you'll learn are:

  • How Affirmations Work
  • The Affirmation Practice
  • Writing Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Sample Affirmations
  • Affirmations Not Working, Why?
  • Removing Blockages

The "7 Part Affirmation Course" covers these powerful, goal-achieving, life-changing strategies in clear, no-nonsense English anyone can understand. Plus it gives dozens of pointers to help you achieve your goals. And if you're new to affirmations, the course takes you through a step-by-step "correct elements" checklist for ensuring maximum effectiveness and motivation.

Writing Goals Down Ties Them Up!

Writing goals describes the act of inscribing on a surface characters or shapes that convey thoughts and ideas in relation to that goal. Why is this mechanical act of writing goals so important in the achievement process? Also, what is the best way to approach writing goals for maximum effect?Words are an integral part of the thinking process.

Goal Objectives: Looking Ahead To Get Ahead With Planning

With goal objectives in mind, consider the organizers of a marathon race. They take time to mark out the course.

Achieving Goals: The Remaining 90% - Sheer Persistence

Achieving goals requires persistence and motivation. Here's the proof: In 1915 Ty Cobb set up an amazing baseball record of stealing 96 bases.

Intense Desire: Rocket Fuel When You Set Goals!

Have you set goals, personal or business, and failed to achieve them? Here is a crucial question: WHY? The answer is simple: Because you did not have a strong enough desire or motivation. Some may argue with that: "But I did set goals with a strong desire and still I didn't get there!" Sorry, but the desire was still not strong enough.

To Reach Goals: Bypass Resistance & Gather Assistance

To reach goals you need motivation, consider this illustration: If you see roadblocks up ahead on a journey you take a diversion. No one in their right mind would just drive on and hit the obstacle head on just hoping they get through! Bypass Resistance. When you set a goal and if you are going to successfully reach your goals, you need to write down a list of potential obstacles you may face.

Achieving Your Goals

-- The One Pager Shortcut Series --Much has been written about achieving your goals. For the Solo Entrepreneur, pursuing goals can be an even bigger challenge than most.

Thank You

I wonder if anyone really reads long stuff from Ezines except for the juicy and interesting ones but I am one of those few who painstakingly reads almost all motivational articles posted. And now I've a got a turn to write something here.

Define Success

Have you ever been motivated to ask yourself why you want to succeed online? If not, ..

7 MUST-HAVE Conditions To Goal Setting

The three keys to living without limits have always been the same. They are clarity, competence, and concentration. Plus motivation.

How To Keep Your Resolutions and Reach Your Goals

Another year has flown by and here you are at the beginning of another year. This is a time when many people assess their life and make "new year resolutions" or set goals for the New Year.

Your Motivation & Goal Setting

Reaching your goals; improving your self-confidence, defining success and achievement, these are among the major reasons for goal setting. Improving your life every day and overcoming procrastination don't need to be just idle wishes; make them motivational dreams that come true. Free 7 part Affirmations Course to download with no sign-up or giving your email address.

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